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Showcase Ireland

Showcase IR

Showcase is the first major trade event of ID2015, a Year of Irish Design, a government initiative to explore, promote and celebrate Irish design throughout Ireland and internationally.

CINEW will be present, toghether with several partner and associated SME's showcasing the Project and the companies products.

When? 18-21St January 2015.

How to get there and other info here.

Boro: Fabric of Life

BORO - Fabric of Life features 54 pieces (kimonos, bags, tatami ) method developed by Boro. "Boro" means rag and darning consists of different fabrics, dyeing, subsequently, textile pieces in indigo. This was a standard technique in Japan since the late eighteenth century until the mid-twentieth century. The Boro textiles spread throughout Japan for about 200 years, since the socio-economic structure remained unchanged until the early twentieth century . These pieces were rarely in cotton because this material was intended to wealthier classes.