The novel a hundred years ago

"The Portuguese novel, from 1900 to 1940, had its origins in the 19th century, beginning to open up new paths with Raul Brandão and Aquilino. At the turn of the century, the novel was rooted in Camilo, Eça, and such lost figures as Arnaldo Gama (Um Motim Há Cem Anos, the Porto revolt against the business concentration of the wine trade) and Pinheiro Chagas (the much derided A Mantilha de Beatriz – Is it perhaps already “light” literature? And what is this, after all?). The great impetus was to come from Proust, and his essence emerged in Malheiro Dias and Abel Botelho, which was already heading in the direction of the modern future in the 1930s, with names that established their own school: Teixeira-Gomes, Nemésio, Almada, Miguéis and others."

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